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Sheila Patel

Diversity and inclusion is not a place you can reach it s an ongoing journey constantly changing and progressing You can t reach it as it s already moved forward by the time you get there
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sheila patel is on a mission To create a world where diversity is celebrated, coveted and embraced in every aspect of life, love and business.

Serial entrepreneur.

Experienced Senior Law Partner.

Commercial real estate agent.

Founder of The LIFE Bags Co.


Dog mom.

Bachelor's Degree in International Studies from Pepperdine University

Juris Doctorate from DePaul University

Executive MBA Certificate focused on Center for NonProfit Management from Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management.

About Me

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Real Estate

Sheila Patel began her Illinois real estate career in 2009 when, in the kitchen of her then successful law firm, she opened a 100% Minority-Woman owned brokerage.

As Sheila’s career began during the credit crisis, she became very familiar with the Short Sale & Foreclosure process which was enhanced by her abilities as an attorney in the field. Through this experience, Sheila gained valuable expertise in handling bank-owned property sales, negotiating with National Banks & Governmental Agreements such as the FDIC Loss-Sharing Agreement.

Additionally, Sheila’s brokerage, BlueGreen Realty, managed over 150 Apartments in Chicago/North Suburb area, along with several strip centers, mixed-use buildings, and free-standing commercial spaces. BlueGreen Realty leased, managed, and sold a variety of commercial properties during the height of the credit crisis, thus making any challenge a WIN!

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est. 2022

We're building on the strength of collaboration as a diverse group of women in commercial and residential real estate in order to create general wealth, community and sustainable lifestyles.

Buying/ Selling

  • homes
  • condos
  • town houses
  • vacant land
  • developments
  • mixed use developments
  • new developments
  • retail, franchises
  • multi-units


How We Win

Our unique and diverse skill sets and backgrounds help us manage situations that may arise and leverage skill sets to get the deal CLOSED.

We lean on each other to better serve our customers and be reasonable available.

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Cannabis Social Equity Expert

Divorce Lawyer Or Attorney

Through her extensive work with applicants, she has in depth knowledge and hands on work with State of Illinois’s focus on Social Equity in Cannabis.

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from fortune 500 experience in Franchise Consulting, Franchisee Management, and Franchise Management, to Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), sheila has done it. she can help your Business in franchising Negotiation

Real Estate Concept Business, Home Insurance and Real Estate Pro

Real Estate





From negotiating leases, offers, and working with landlord/tenants to the permitting/occupancy process Sheila is well versed in the entire life of a commercial real estate transaction.

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Sheila Patel